2012 (End Of The World 2012) :: The end of the world is scheduled for December 21, 2012

2012 In the words of several Oracles like Nostradamus or the Sibyl, the end of the world or the Apocalypse is scheduled for December 21, 2012! One of the most ancient calendars of the story comes to an end. On December 21 of the year 2012, according to their traditions, the Maya indicate a radical and comprehensive global change. At the winter solstice 2012, they unequivocally confirm the END OF THE WORLD as we know it today.

It should be understood here that the purpose of the End of the World 2012 web site is not to create panic but to gather information and comments on this topic that is both apocalyptic talk in the world. It should also be noted that the end of the world was scheduled several times for millennia by many prophets and we are still here, so above all, do not panic!

UK PPI Reclaims, What If I’ve Had PPI on a Mortgage?

It is entirely possible to reclaim ppi if you have been sold the product on a mortgage. However the procedure is slightly different…

With a mortgage ppi claim you will need to gather or the necessary paperwork around the agreement, and you  will have to look carefully at the policy contained in it, this is to determine if you have been miss sold ppi or if there is no ppi present on the agreement at all…

On any given ppi reclaim case it is important to first check if there is even payment protection included on the policy, as if it is not present then it will not be possible to process a real claim.

With a mortgage payment protection claim, you will need to be extra careful in your investigation, this is because the amount of money you claim back could well be a large sum of money, so the banks might be more inclined to attempt to reject the claim, so you will need to be on your guard about this.

Also, with mortgage claims, it you will need to know the term that you paid into the insurance policy for, and also the sum of money that you paid off your mortgage each month.

Complications can occur if you are unclear on these points of reference, it also helps if you have the original paperwork and the account number for the loan, but you can actually request that the creditor send you a fresh copy of this so it is not a massive cause for worry or concern so proceed as normal and request the information if you do not already have it to hand.

Once you send off the letter to your creditor they should get back to you within a couple of weeks, however, you might need to chase them because some creditors are much slower than others, plus items that are sent through the mail can sometimes not be delivered, or become lost, so it is wise to fax a copy of your letter, or perhaps email a copy of it as well, patience and being methodical is key.

You will need to be persistent with this cases because they are very often stalled.

There are many online points of reference you can search online that can give you additional information on the topic of mortgage ppi reclaims.  It is recommended that you do your research before attempting to reclaim mortgage protection insurance without the use of an external agent.

The Guide To Finding An Honest Psychic

When deciding to visit a psychic it is important to find an individual who can be trusted for their fair, honest readings provided in a safe and calm environment. One of the major problems many people encounter when they decide to undertake a psychic reading is that they do not understand the difference between a psychic and a medium. In general, an honest psychic will rarely attempt to talk with any spirits, good or bad that may be accompanying the person being read. Instead, the main purpose of a psychic reading is to discover the path the life of a person will take, with little mentioned about possible accidents, illness or injury.

Some studies have shown that honest psychics are often difficult to find, with some studies placing the number at just one in every four psychics. But, there are ways of determining if the psychic a reading is held with is honest, including the questioning of a psychic to determine what facts they have uncovered about the individual. For most psychics the aim is to answer the questions of the individual in an effort to determine the path the future of the individual is destined to take.

For a large number of honest psychics the use of the tools they are trained in is an important way in which they ensure the accuracy of a reading. This can include the use of tarot cards, which when used correctly can be an important guide in receiving an honest psychic reading. When a tool such as tarot cards is used the psychic lays down a number of cards and interprets the images on the cards and the order they fall in to provide information about the life of the individual being read.

Enjoying an accurate safe reading can be difficult in our digital age, when online and telephone readings are difficult for an individual to control. To determine the quality of a psychic it is often important that a reading does not being with a large amount of personal information handed over the person being read, this can be a way of determining some basic facts about the individual. These facts can often be used to provide details of the individual based on their economic and geographic circumstances, questions regarding age and date of birth can also provide a number of details and guide the psychic towards the details the individual may want to hear.


Whether a reading is delivered online, over the phone or in a face to face meeting, each psychic cannot be perfect in the facts they present to the person being read. Entering the psychic reading with an open mind, but under the realization that not every question can be answered in a single sitting is the best way to get the most honest psychic reading.