2012 (End Of The World 2012) :: The end of the world is scheduled for December 21, 2012

2012 In the words of several Oracles like Nostradamus or the Sibyl, the end of the world or the Apocalypse is scheduled for December 21, 2012! One of the most ancient calendars of the story comes to an end. On December 21 of the year 2012, according to their traditions, the Maya indicate a radical and comprehensive global change. At the winter solstice 2012, they unequivocally confirm the END OF THE WORLD as we know it today.

It should be understood here that the purpose of the End of the World 2012 web site is not to create panic but to gather information and comments on this topic that is both apocalyptic talk in the world. It should also be noted that the end of the world was scheduled several times for millennia by many prophets and we are still here, so above all, do not panic!

Understanding The Basics Behind Psychic Readings

sign for psychic reader shopPeople that offer legitimate psychic readings have been given a bad reputation over the last few years, due to the many scams that have plagued society. Anytime people think of psychic readings, they are reminded of the countless infomercials that featured fake psychics scamming money out of individuals that believed in them. However, despite this negative outlook, there are many psychics that provide a variety forms of legitimate psychic readings.

Reading Tarot Cards

One of the most commonly used forms of providing psychic readings is by use of tarot cards. It is the belief that the cards that are revealed during a tarot card reading, indicate the future, present and past of an individual. There are many ways that tarot cards can be read and many ways that the cards can be formatted. These formats are also known as a tarot spread. The most common form is using the Celtic Cross, which typically is the first spread that a beginner learns. Using the Celtic Cross, you ask a question and use the cards as a guide to finding an answer.

Using Clairvoyance

There are many psychics that are classified as being clairvoyant. These readings involve being able to see inside a person and offer advice. For example, the reader may see certain things about a persons past or present that offers insight on what the future holds for them. Despite common legends or myths, a clairvoyant psychic does not sit at a table with a crystal ball and predicts the future. A clairvoyant psychic is able to tune into their supernatural capabilities and see things that others cannot see. These are commonly viewed as premonitions. However, these premonitions may not always appear clear so the interpretation of them must be done with caution.  A true clairvoyant can provide profound insight into your life.

Psychic Medium

Psychic Mediums are becoming more common as people are utilizing this type of reader to channel the spiritual world. True psychic mediums are very rare and are used for channeling relatives that have passed away or to uncover information on something that may have happened to someone. Some people believe that mediums can be used to speak with the dead or those that are trapped in a parallel universe. Law enforcement commonly uses psychic mediums in order to help solve cold cases. There have been speculations of the complete accuracy and credibility of this form of psychic readings, however there has been national recognition on the use of this tactic in solving criminal cases.

Many times, psychic readings are performed for entertainment purposes. In fact, you may find a disclaimer before receiving any type of reading that they are intended for entertainment purposes only. However, those people still rely upon these readings in order to find truth and peace. In this industry, you will find frauds that claim to be true psychics and have true psychic abilities, however you will need to use your best judgement before relying on their services,trust your gut feeling and understand that a true psychic will not just tell you things that you want to hear.

How To Get A Good Psychic Reading Online

Psychic ReadingsDo you have questions you are looking for about your personal relationships? What about your financial future? Maybe there is something you’d like to know about your future. If you’ve ever had a psychic reading you know they can bring a sense of relief and clarity about any issues that are puzzling you. Sometimes they can actually lead to even more questions.

Maybe you are looking to have a long relationship with a specific psychic or maybe you are just looking for a reliable place to go whenever you’d like a reading. You can have these done in person, of course, but geographic location doesn’t have to hold you back anymore from having a reading because you can also have them done by a talented psychic professional over the internet.

There are thousands of sites that offer psychic readings. So how are you going to find one that you can trust with staff that offers what you are looking for? A comprehensive search will give you plenty to wade through. Read reviews, look at bios and find someone who has done lots of readings.

One of the greatest advantages of all to having a reading done online is that you can relax in the comfort of your own home while it is being done. It also opens up the list of psychics you have to choose from other than those in a specific location. Online you will be able to have access to psychics from all over the world.

Before you start to contact a psychic online make sure you are prepared for the reading and have a list of the important questions ready that you would like to ask so you don’t forget any of them. You will be paying for their time so you won’t want to waste any thinking of questions and having dead airtime.

Some of the psychics will allow you to skype, or use your microphone and camera. Others will communicate by typing for the online chat. Psychics will usually answer only direct non-personal questions. The list of questions you ask them can still allow you to find the information you want.

Make sure the list of items you will be charged for are clear when you contact a psychic. You don’t want any surprises when you see the total. Charges are typically made by the minute and thy do not necessarily indicate how competent they are.


Psychic Readings Trending Online With Interesting Results

Psychic ReaderAt a time when people wonder about their futures, the allure of psychic readings and understanding of the horoscope is trending online. In fact, there many people who believe that psychics have a heightened perception when it comes to sharing psychic news with clients online or at traditional brick and mortar psychic reader booths. The result is both an interesting and entertaining look at one’s future, say fans of clairvoyance practitioners.

Understanding psychic practices

Another aspect of psychic readings is linked to a type of paranormal counseling offered online, over the phone, in one’s home or at various online or physical psychic readings. This popular psychic reading interest is also an attempt to look at one’s future when it comes to a personal relationship, a new or existing job or even a planning trip. The general idea is to have an established psychic share their expertise about future events impacting one’s personal life.

Psychic readers featured online

While there are classic images of a palm reader or someone interpreting Tarot cards, today’s psychic readers have become more high-tech with such services as e-mail psychic reading and online astrological readings using one’s birth hour, day and year. The results are surprisingly accurate, say happy customers of psychic readers when offering glowing testimonials online about how their psychic “predicted I would get lots of money,” or “that a marriage proposal is in my future.”

Meanwhile, there are many different types of psychic readings feature online today that include:

  • Astrology: This study of the position of the sun, moon, stars and planets during one’s birth, and how the alignment of astrologic signs may have an effect on your future, is viewed as proven reliable by a wide range of people.
  • Reading an Aura: Psychics believe that each person has a field of “luminous light” or an aura around them that can be read for various reasons.
  • Tarot and card reading: There are many types of card readings performed by psychics to help predict one’s future using either special Tarot cards or even everyday playing cards.
  • Palm reading: This ancient method is still used by psychics to foretell someone’s future by decoding the wrinkles, lines and shapes in one’s hands or palm. Although psychic often state online that it doesn’t take an expert to read someone palm, it helps if the palm reader is skilled in psychic readings.

Overall, there are many types and methods for psychic readings that are very popular today online at various websites that offer parapsychology services.


Understanding The Psychic Reading Process

Anyone who has experience with cultural studies will tell you that the art of prediction plays a huge role in the spiritual and intellectual development of man. In fact, the act of predicting, even unto today, is a fundamental factor in almost every religion as it aims to give its followers a reason to remain devoted to their beliefs. But merely believing in the psychic realm is a lot easier said than done. As humans, we’re often faced with circumstances that may contradict with what we’ve been led to believe, and we’re often confused about the multiple truths that confront us. Is there a way to make sense of it all? Tarot & Psychic Reading, Watkins Books, Cecil Court, London

If we truly want to know the answer to this question, we have to understand what a psychic reading is and how it “speaks.” Only then can we appreciate spirituality’s unique language and begin to communicate in a way that establishes a strong connection with the psychic realm. Here are several ways to do just that.

The Psychic Reading Defined

A psychic reading, in the most general sense, is a mental impression of future events. That impression may come in the form of a dream, an idea or a feeling. It can even appear as a fleeting thought. It requires a subject (the person being read) and a reader (the person receiving the impressions). It also requires an instrument to communicate through. This instrument can be a set of tarot cards, a crystal ball, a palm, or even a simple object that belongs to the person who’s being read.

The entire process attempts to answer a question or set of questions, and it can last anywhere from a few minutes to an hour. The speed in which an accurate psychic reading is accomplished depends on how astute the reader is. The relevancy of a reading, however, depends on how meaningful the reader can make its symbolism because, more often than not, an unsatisfactory reading can be the result of a misinterpretation or complete disregard of relayed information.

The Language of Psychic Readings

No one literally reads the psychic realm. There are no words floating around the ethereal plane, which makes the skill required to access it rather unique. Instead of words, the psychic realm is filled with mental energy, and instead of communicating with words, it communicates with imagery. Psychics open an channel of communication by directing this mental energy through an instrument that transports this imagery to the reader.

The best way to understand how this works is through an example. A young couple once asked an expert for a general psychic reading, who, after holding one hand from each, communicated that she saw three budding flowers. The leaves of two flowers were erect while the leaves of another were pointed down. Without question, the couple immediately knew the imagery and accompanying message was meant for their children: two boys and a girl.Psychic Reading by Donna


There are, of course, many more intricacies involved with psychic readings. After all, there are hundreds of thousands of books, magazines, websites that discuss the topic at length. Here, you learned the absolute basics so we encourage you to learn more. The more you learn, the deeper your understanding and appreciation for what’s in store.

The Guide To Finding An Honest Psychic

When deciding to visit a psychic it is important to find an individual who can be trusted for their fair, honest readings provided in a safe and calm environment. One of the major problems many people encounter when they decide to undertake a psychic reading is that they do not understand the difference between a psychic and a medium. In general, an honest psychic will rarely attempt to talk with any spirits, good or bad that may be accompanying the person being read. Instead, the main purpose of a psychic reading is to discover the path the life of a person will take, with little mentioned about possible accidents, illness or injury.

Some studies have shown that honest psychics are often difficult to find, with some studies placing the number at just one in every four psychics. But, there are ways of determining if the psychic a reading is held with is honest, including the questioning of a psychic to determine what facts they have uncovered about the individual. For most psychics the aim is to answer the questions of the individual in an effort to determine the path the future of the individual is destined to take.

For a large number of honest psychics the use of the tools they are trained in is an important way in which they ensure the accuracy of a reading. This can include the use of tarot cards, which when used correctly can be an important guide in receiving an honest psychic reading. When a tool such as tarot cards is used the psychic lays down a number of cards and interprets the images on the cards and the order they fall in to provide information about the life of the individual being read.

Enjoying an accurate safe reading can be difficult in our digital age, when online and telephone readings are difficult for an individual to control. To determine the quality of a psychic it is often important that a reading does not being with a large amount of personal information handed over the person being read, this can be a way of determining some basic facts about the individual. These facts can often be used to provide details of the individual based on their economic and geographic circumstances, questions regarding age and date of birth can also provide a number of details and guide the psychic towards the details the individual may want to hear.


Whether a reading is delivered online, over the phone or in a face to face meeting, each psychic cannot be perfect in the facts they present to the person being read. Entering the psychic reading with an open mind, but under the realization that not every question can be answered in a single sitting is the best way to get the most honest psychic reading.